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Cal State University, East Bay (Aug 2021 ) 
Appointed as a Advisory Council Member for California State Universtiy, Easy Bay for Customer Expeirence Program. 
​Active Term 8/2021 - 8/2022 |

World Usability Congress, Austria.   
I'm speaking at World Usability Congress 2022 on "Designing the AI Experience"
See you at Austria in October 2022 |

The IF Design Awards - 2022
Happy to be part of Jury Panel again for IF Design Awards - 2022 
iF Design is known for outstanding design and social engagement.  | 

Product Lessons Podcast Interview - Aug 2021
On Design Leadership and UX/PM collaboration
Collaborate to deliver high value product lessons |  Listen on Sound Cloud |

Recent Publications

Li T., Convertino G., Tayi K. R., Kazerooni, S. (2019).
What Data Should I Protect? A Recommender and Impact Analysis Design to Assist Decision Making.
Research Paper and video demo. In Proceedings of IUI (Intelligent User Interfaces) -2019 .

Li T., Convertino G., Tayi K. R., Kazerooni, S. (2019).
What data should I protect?: recommender and planning support for data security analysts. 
Research Paper.  In Proceedings of IUI (Intelligent User Interfaces) -2019 .

Recent Talks

The Human Element of Privacy UX.
Interaction Design Association (IXDA charlotte) - Mar 2021

Humanizing Privacy with Power of User Experience (UX)
RSA Conference 2020 - San Francisco, USA. | Tayi, R. and Patterson, G

Influence Product Strategy and Quality by Conducting Collaborative UX Discovery Workshops.
UXPA Conference 2019 - Scottsdale, USA.  | Tayi, R. and Kazerooni, S

Designing Effective Security UX: If It’s Not Usable, It’s Not Secure.
RSA Conference 2019 - San Francico, USA.  

Human With Machine: Harnessing power of UX for Securing Data.
World Usability Congress  2018- Graz, Austria.

The UX of Data Security Intelligence.
UX India Conference 2017- Bangalore, India.

Impact of Design Language.
UX India Conference 2016- Hyderabad, India.

Photo Exhibitions

The Art of Baby Bathing
Photo (Finalist) at The Indian Photography Festival (IPF) - 2017 at Hyderabad, India.

The making of the Metro Rail
Photo (Finalist for Multiple Pictures) at Metro Chronicles Through The Lenz 2014 - Hyderabad, India. at Hyderabad, India.